Welcome to the Silph.io

Hi, I’m Marco Ceppi and I’m the volunteer DevOps guy for The Silph Road. This blog is a journey about the operations and insights gained from how we run and scale The Silph Road. The purpose of this blog is to share our lessons learned of taking a site from infancy and beyond.

A little bit about me; for my day job I work for Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, in the Cloud & DevOps group where we focus on building OpenSource tools to solve problems at scale.

As a life long Pokemon and Nintendo fan the opportunity to help a grassroots, community run, Pokemon website was too good to pass. So over the next few weeks and beyond I will be posting and open sourcing how we’re doing the operations to run and manage The Silph Road and all the gory details and lessons we learned.

-- Marco Ceppi on 2016-07-13 14:18